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Joe and the Inuits – ‘CHOPPP!’

Walrus 1

walrus 2

Walrus 3

Walrus 4



Joe and the Inuits – ‘Christmas special’

rudolf 1

rudolf 2

Rudolf 3

Joe and the Inuits – ‘Beluga’

Getting food 1

Getting food 2

Getting food 3


Getting food 4


Getting food 5

Leo, Zee and ELi-FaNT – ‘Gory’s birthday’

gorry's bday 1

gorry's bday 2

gorry's bday 3

Leo, Zee and ELi-FaNT – ‘That’s why Gory doesn’t eat bananas’

Leo, Zee and ELi-FaNT – ‘At Gorilla’s’


Feminists in Washington

I just remembered a small story that happened 3 years ago in Washington. A friend of mine introduced me to some young, feminist  women, who just came from a feminist conference 😀