Mt. Elbrus – How are we going to get there?

Ten days left until we depart. I recently got back to Denmark from Italy and I am flying home, via Budapest on Friday. We will leave to the Caucasus on the 25th of July, as on the 28th the climb  begins.

The whole adventure will last for two weeks. We need three days by car to get to Mt. Elbrus and another three days to get back. The climb itself is going to take eight days, the first four of them being used to acclimatize.

The rough route is as follows:

25 July – Day 1 – 705 km – Cluj-Napoca (Romania) – Iasi (Romania) – Chisinau (Moldova) – Odessa (Ukraine)

We will either use couchsurfing or worst case scenario some cheap hostels will suffice

26 July – Day 2 – 802 km – Odessa (Ukraine) – Melitopol (Ukraine) – Taganrog (Russia) – Rostov-on-Don (Russia)

27 July – Day 3 – 481 km – Roston-on-Don (Russia)- Mineralnye Vody (Russia)

28 July – Day 4 – 175 km – Mineralnye Vody (Russia) – Terskol (Russia)

The accommodation shall be provided by the travel agency we booked

29 July – 4 August – Day 5 -11 – Mt. Elbrus – acclimatization and climb – accommodation, food and guide provided by the travel agency

5 August – 7 August – Road back home – probably the same way as we came or through Krasnodar and Kerch, if the region is safe enough after the recent floods. Couchsurfing or hostels for accommodation.

Aarhus, 15 July 2012



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