I need a smart-ass guy from Harvard to explain me the crisis…

For three years now the crisis has been the topic of every newspaper, EU summit, G 8, 20,30, n+1 Summit, drunken bar talks of some old people in a God-forsaken place as well as PhD theses and journal articles (of smart people). In the meantime we see people pin-pointing to certain countries, we see the development of the PIGS, we see Merkel and Sarko having a good chit-chat at these big summits, 1000 billion euros poured into some kind of a “BIG SAVING “fund, BUT! And here comes the big BUT (not the gadonkadonk of some fine looking woman). Why hasn’t any smart Professor Emeritus, Excellentus, Maximus of the great Universities ever told us, why is all of this happening? You know in laymen’s terms, so us (the regular Joe’s and Joette’s) can understand why our money is taken away and put into some funds, the functions of which we do not understand? Oh, wait… Just got a sudden struck of genius. No-one knows…. Or maybe we shouldn’t know….So much for all those big Harvard diplomas 😉


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