Coincidences…The World truly is a small place…

This week I had three, might I say awkward experiences. All of them implied one way or another meeting up with a person who I knew, who I met but forgot I met, or a person who I have a common friend with.

  1. The first strange moment happened while signing up for gym this week. I was with my stagiare colleague from the Commission, Valerio, checking out the fitness offers. As I found out, he comes from Sardinia, Italy. I started talking about my Sardinian trip this summer, and how we stayed with my girlfriend at my friend, Micol’s place. Valerio looked at me. ‘What do you mean Micol? Are your sure it is not Nicole?’ – ‘No mate. Micol, a nice tanned girl with dreadlocks’. Valerio looked at me amazed. ‘I cannot believe it man. We used to go to high-school together!’… I met Micol in Hamburg last summer, while attending German courses. But then again the world is small, isn’t it; and now I work with one of her high school mates.
  2. Yesterday night I went out for a beer with my other stagiare colleague from Hungary, Balázs. We started talking about our experiences in the US, and how for some strange reason we have a common friend, Brian. Then I told him about, how the last time I´d been to the US was in 2009, attending a law competition in Washington. ´Wo, wo, wo. Wait just a second. When was this competition?’- asked Balázs. ‘End of March 2009. Brian was the one who picked us up from the airport.’ – Balázs looked at me. ‘And was there a guy in front, sitting next to Brian?’ – I look at him. ‘Yes… a guy from Hunga…’- and then we both start laughing. ‘Noooo way.’ – ‘Yes way’. It looks like we met each other more than two years ago and it took us more then a week now, to figure out that we already met before.
  3. Today I went to wash my clothes at the neighborhood laundry mat. I got in, picked a washing machine, when I spotted my friend Ruxi next to my washing machine. Last time I saw her was 3 years ago, when I was back in Romania and we were members of the ESN. And now we met accidentally in a laundry mat in Brussels.

If you guys have similar stories, let me know J

Brussels, 23rd of October 2011




One response to “Coincidences…The World truly is a small place…

  1. It could have happened only to you, Gashi! 🙂 Greetings from Poland! Anna

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