The one Euro story…..

The one Euro story… Just another example of modern life’s inconveniences… Today was a lovely Sunday, so after coming back from a helicopter ride, I decided not to be a badger on such a lovely day. I started cleaning the house, cooking and eventually decided to do the weekend washing. The studio where I live unfortunately does not have a washing machine. No worries… There is a laundry mat 150 m away, on the other street’s corner. The price is 3 euros, but then again I discover to my “horror” that I only have 2 euros on me… Just ONE EURO short. No worries… There is an ATM 200 m away at the other street corner. So I get my bag with dirty clothes and head towards the ATM, just to discover that the smallest banknote it can give me today is 50. Well if it gives me 50, I cannot change it at the coin changer from the laundry mat, because that one only takes fivers. So I decide to go another 300 m to another ATM. It is the world famous Orange Dutch Lion (ODL) Bank. It says on a massive sign “Bienvenue a tout” – Welcome everyone. Well that must include little old me, right? Wrong…

I go in, take out my Dutch card from a different bank. “Sorry it is not accepted” replies the screen. No worries, I have my Romanian one. Guess what the answer was? You guessed it “Sorry it is not accepted” – a polite way of saying, f..k off, you “are not welcomed”. So…What to do, what to do? I decide to first see if anything is open where I can change the 50 euros, which I will take from the first ATM. I find one Kebab shop 100 m away. I ask the guy whether he will still be open in 10 min. “Sure” – he says. So I go back 100+300=400 m, to the first ATM, withdraw 50 euros, return to the Turkish guy (another 400m), and buy myself a nice orange juice (which I drank on the spot because of all this walking around) and a kebab. And he even gave me back a fiver, which I can change at the laundry mat. So I pack up, now equipped with food, dirty clothes and the giver which will become the illusive ONE EURO,  just to discover that the laundry mat is full, and I will have to return in about 2 hours….So here I am 1,5 km later, with a bag of dirty clothes and a Turkish kebab. Bon appétit!


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