Subtle mini dialogues between the opposite sexes in South Africa…

Subtle mini dialogues between the opposite sexes in South Africa…

Spending a lot of time in the Transylvanian countryside I got used to the subtle, somewhat pinchy conversations or remarks that might occur between the opposite sexes. In pro-feminist modern, western society these kinds of harmless remarks among the opposite sexes can be dubbed as ‘sexual harassment’. Harmless stuff like as a teen I would go to the mommas and aunties preparing the traditional wedding goodies, and I would add “What are my beautiful ladies doing?” It would always make them smile and maybe remind them of there youth and passed beauty. 🙂 But I never really came across these dialogues in Western society, until I came to South Africa.

So here are two recent South African examples: one subtle and one not so…actually quite straight forward…

This morning in the SPAR where I regularly take my breakfast

A joyful, middle aged colored woman greeted me today at the food section.

– So what will it be sir?

– Amm…hmm…some potato salad and five pieces of chicken (yeah that is breakfast for me).

– Should I heat it up for you? – she asked

– Neah, I like it better when it is cold.

– Ehh, I don’t like it cold. I like it hot. I am hot 😀 – says to my amazement the woman my mother’s age and went on giggling with the other mommas working behind the food stall

– I know J But we Europeans tend to be colder 🙂

Exactly a week ago, in a Pretoria fast food, same time in the morning

I was sitting by myself waiting for my food to arrive, when the young black waitress, my age, behind the counter asked me a question…

– Ei, chief. Why you’ so sad?

– Haven’t seen my girlfriend for 3 months and I miss her like hell. – I replied thinking of my lil’woman.

– Ahh, you make me youa’ wife. – and she started giggling

– Pardon? – I replied quite amazed

– Yeah, you make me youa’ wife. I have job, don’t eat too much but ei, Chief!! I need clothes ei, I like expensive clothes!

– No thank you 🙂 I have my woman back home and I think I would not be able to afford your clothes 🙂


2 responses to “Subtle mini dialogues between the opposite sexes in South Africa…

  1. mi az a sok J betű a bejegyzésben? máshol is láttam már, de nem értem még mindig

  2. gashicsavargo

    ez a fraszo wordpress…amikor smilykat teszek atalakitja J betuve..nem ertem miert :/

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