What I like What I hate
– damn gooooood weather especially in the Western Cape: 300 days of sunshine a year

 – in general way better hospitality than in Europe (North Western) and friendlier people who might just give you a lift back home without you asking

 – good fresh fruits, good bread and pastry products; plus exotic fruits as well J

 – Romans Pizza – two XL pizzas for around 8 euros, medium ones for 5.5 😉

 – eating out technically costs you the same amount as cooking for yourself

 – overall good roads, highways, expressways clean neighborhoods (in the white areas), well maintained university

 – tone of outdoor activities

 – the fact that you can have amazing road trips and care rentals are cheaper than in Europe

 – spectacular sceneries, landscapes, animals, diversity of people

 – funny looking money with animals and not presidents

– if you rent a room you have good chances to have a swimming pool 😀

– the bloody winds that can knock you of your bike and sometimes unpredictable weather

– racisms on all three sides: whites don’t like in general anyone; coloreds hate blacks; blacks don’t like whites (in general)

 – ridiculously expensive import products: Philadelphia cream cheese 5 euros!!

 – horribly expensive and crappy internet and expensive pre-paid phones

 – little hourly wages which is due to the huge social discrepancies

 – the fact that millions of people have to live in townships while others live in villas (includes not only whites, but newly rich “black yuppies”)

 –  lack of any public transport

 – extremely slow shitty trains; without a car dream on travelling

 – ridiculously expensive game reserves; 2 and a half days in Kruger at lowest price 400 euros

 – too much worthless change and really slow supermarket queues (reaaally slow)

 – the fact that life here costs me the same as in the Netherlands



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