So how was your day?

Ma’ lil’ woman: So how was your day?

Me: Hm… overall good, but quite long and irritating

because of the bloody South African train system

so here it goes

woke up at 8

had breakfast, took a shower and ‘granny’ (my host) gave us a ride to the train station

we picked up Oli and Jindra on the way

train was on time for the first time in 2 months

so we got into Cape Town

decided to go visit the Castle and do the castle tour

so we did

quite nice, a bit military though

saw a little canon shoot as well

then visited the City Hall

so we said

it is 12.45

let’s get a train to Simonstown 50 km away

and see the National Navy Day

and be back by 17.35

to catch the last train to Stellenbosch


so the 50 min train ride which takes 1 h

took 2.15 hours

so we arrived to Simonstown by 3 pm

we had to walk almost 30  min to the harbour

checked out some frigates (warships)

saw some helicopter acrobatics

and some tuned car show thingy

so we said

okay, we already lost our 15.35 train from Cape Town to Stellenbosch

but we’ll take the one at 18.47 to Ersterivier

15 km from Stellenbosch

and will figure out something

wrong again

the train came late, left at 17.50

got into CT by 19.20

last train long gone

but as we said during the road

Hakoona Matata

TIA (This Is Africa)

nooo worries

so we go to the first cab, a run down microbus with already 5 people inside

how much is it to Stellenbosch?

guy says 15 euros each

we say, come on dude 10

no no

so these guys are like sharks

the other one notices

and says

where to?

we say Stellenbosch and we’re not offering more than 10 per person

so this guy takes us

to this brand new taxi

drives us straight to our doors

and 10 euros each for 50 kms

we travelled like shit and came back in style 🙂



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