Train whistle

The conductor whistles…She’s still kissing me, with one leg on the trainsteps and the other on the track pavement. Each and every kiss of hers is warm and passionate. Passionate and painful. Her hair’s smooth and thick; the Mediterranean Sun slowly fades away on her face. She gently wraps her hand around my neck and kisses me till the last minute…The train whistle; the conductor whistles for the last time. I look back. She’s showing me to sit down…I shouldn’t see her this way. A silent tear leaves her olive eyes…I’m heading to Eindhoven…Sunday night…My bus is waiting for me in Eindhoven, my bus to Hamburg. My head is still lost in the last three days’ passion. I’m wondering between countries, realities, cities and people. And I still cannot fully comprehend what’s happening to me…Eight o’clock Friday morning. I ring her doorbell…I can hear her footsteps, the door opens. I’ve been waiting for this moment for two months now. The Southern Sun painted her skin, she became slimmer, her hair changed but her eyes are the same…We stare at each other for a moment. We don’t say a word, embrace each other. Tight, for minutes…I get my luggage upstairs. We start talking like it was yesterday. I seat on the table and embrace her. I haven’t kissed her lips for two months now. A silent and deep kiss commences. A messed up summer, two months of pain, thinking what the other one is doing, two months of regret, forgetting, anger and love…A few moments kiss…The heavy game begins, the upcoming months’ long distance relationship, the unkown and unpredictable, the painfully beautiful passion begins…It started…I’m looking at Dutch towns as I’m passing by…I have to get back to my new home. University and my Hamburg life start in the morning. I return with a heavy heart. The last three days still haunt me. Her young olive body, her passionate kisses, childish smile and woman’s eyes…Kisses drowned in wine and rum. We left the summer be, this reunion was about something else…These three days were ours, the four walls of the bedroom, the warmth of bodies, heartbeats and passionate moans…

Hamburg, Maastricht, beginning of September


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