First days…Die ersten Tage in Hamburg

So…Where to begin? I’m already five days deep in my German life and it feels like I left home for over two weeks now. Maybe I should start with the fact that I was lucky enough to have as air hostesses Noémi and Eszter, so my flight was more than pleasurable J I even got to sit in the cockpit and chat with the pilots…This was followed by a 3 hour long, hot and sweaty train-ride (don’t think of nasty things 😉 ), getting my new room for August, meeting my new housemate Franziska and so on….

Five days into it I already got used to the general vibe of the city…5 hours of German lessons each day, getting U2 Bahn to school and back, knowing the stations Lutterothstraße, Osterstraße, Gänsemarkt etc. I got used to studying on the metro, asking “Ich möchte…” this and that and I will already switch language groups to a higher level….As always I’m once again lucky to meet new people like Mika, Martin, Patrick, Camille, Marina and so on…About the city? It is more or less a typical big city, with its own specific charm. The Innenstad, the Rathaus, the Binnen und Auseralster lakes and of course the sneaky, food craving swans on the side of the lakes. Yes you can actually see lazy swans walking on the pavement, minding their own “swan” business… I managed to visit the Schanze party district, full of way too many drunk young people and middle aged German drunk women trying to hook up with you in the club (eeeuuuhhh). I haven’t yet had the opportunity to visit the infamous Repperbahn, or the red light district, but if all goes to plan we’re visiting it tomorrow night… I already found my favourite Jazz club, my favourite bakery after school and of course our beloved pub next to the language school. I nearly forgot our even more favourite (that is grammatically incorrect but what the hell) ice-cream vendor. Only 80 c für ein Kugel Eis.

Tomorrow should be a great day, after a tough Friday of being hangovered, German lessons, eating ice-cream and waiting for Mika and her friend while they tried on every dress in the New Yorker. Tomorrow I’m planning to jog around the Auseralster lake (8 km) and also if I heard right, there’s gonna be a gay parade. Worth a couple of pictures…At the beginning of September I will spend some days in the Netherlands, taking care of this and that and if everything goes right, I should be in Copenhagen at the end of this month. We’ll see…Until then tschüss und bis bald.

Hamburg, Eimsbüttel, Luruper weg 25 J 06.08.2010


One response to “First days…Die ersten Tage in Hamburg

  1. Hope u still remember about the gril who helped you out in Maastricht almost a year ago 🙂 Greets from the M-City! 🙂

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