Told you the extreme right is rising

Some months ago, during the local elections in The Hague and Almere, I predicted the rise of the extreme-right (PVV) in the Netherlands. And it happened! This week’s elections sent the PVV “sky-high” in Dutch terms. Geert Wilder’s party received 15,5% of the votes, becomming the third larget party in the Lowlands. Bare in mind that the winning party (VVD) got 20,4 % of the votes, while the former prime-minister’s, Balkenende, party fell from 26,5 to 13,7% …Now the question remains who will form part of the coalition government as the leading two parties do not have 50% of the votes…We’ll see, but as I told you, the extreme right is rising in times of crisis.


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