Early X-mas present…

2 weeks ago…just another boring lecture…

Gashi: Ammm….Jüli…have you by any chance got a pen?

Jüli: Sure thing. – she takes some time searching in her “all-knowing all-having” woman’s bag – There you go… – and hands me a pen.

Gashi: Thanks 😀

1 weeks ago…the same  boring lecture…

Gashi: – I turn to the girls sitting in front of me and ask them in a slightly fake polite voice – Sorry girls, has anyone of you got a pen?

Girls: Noopp…sorry..- and they continue their discussion of probably what kind of shoes they will be buying during the afternoon.

Gashi: Ammm….Jüli?

Jüli: Yeaah? – and she looks at me suspiciously while she’s drinking some water (btw, approximately 2 liters during each lecture)

Gashi: Have you by any chance got a pen? – and I twinkle my eyes like an overgrown toddler bagging for some “food” from mama

Jüli: Yeah. Just gotta find it – so once again she searches in her “all-knowing all-having” woman’s bag – There you go.

Gashi: Thanks 😀

Yesterday…You guessed it..Same boring lecture…

Five minutes before lecture…I’m slightly bored and my grey matter is already anticipating the joy of new information kicking its every twisted little turns…Suddenly Jüli appears and sits down next to me…The normal Wazzup? What have ya been up to? takes place. She places her stuff under her sit. Opens her Macbook, drinks a sip of water (from the two liter bottle of course) and hands me over a small plastic bag from her “all-knowing all-having” woman’s bag.

Jüli: Here you go…

Gashi: What is it?

Jüli: Open it!

Gashi: – a sudden burst of laughter – No way!!!!! – I crack-up and start laughing – in the small plastic bag at least thirty pens lay quietly.

Jüli: I hope now you will have pens for the rest of the year 😀


2 responses to “Early X-mas present…

  1. jól esnek ezek az apró figyelmességek az embernek, az biztos. hát akkor boldog előrehozott Karácsonyt, drusza!

  2. a női táskák… 😛

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