Best memorial and best oralist and we still didn’t get into the finals?!

Just to make it clear to everyone, four master students from our University busted our asses since the end of October onwards to compete in the Dutch Rounds of the ILSA-JESSUP Moot Court Competition. It is the biggest moot court competition in the world, but this info you can find on their website.

Yesterday the Dutch rounds were held in The Hague, Indira and me pleading for the Applicant side and Kristina and Arnaud for the Respondent side. Let me just tell everyone that it was a complex case of international public law including sovereignty, self-determination, international investment, company law and diplomatic protection. We, as I presume each of the four competing teams, spent a great amount of time not just submitting the two written memorials but also preparing to plead in front of a bench. I was lucky enough to have Justice Keith from the International Court of Justice sitting on my bench.

First two teams would qualify for the finals which were held yesterday as well and the winning team would go to Washington to compete in the international rounds. Strangely enough I didn’t have the patience to watch the finals anymore. How could we have the best Memorial, I also won best oralist and adding up the total points we were definitely not on last place…And still we did not qualify for the final?!

I left with a bitter sweet taste, as the points, the memorials and best oralist show that we were a pretty damn good team…But it looks like the finals weren’t meant for us…We move on and now I turn to the sweat part…I enjoyed these last months of preparations, although it meant that weekends were not weekends anymore, holidays weren’t holidays anymore and besides other school activities we had to bust our asses on the competition as well.

I am greatly thankful for Phyllis (our coach) who dedicated a great amount of her time to us and never missed a training session. I am also thankful to anyone who listened to our oral preparations and gave us vital feedback.

Most of all I am thankful for the team. We did a great job out there yesterday. We did get the best Memorials, we did kick ass in Court and I got the best oralist (just to brag about it ;).

It was an amazing experience, we held our stuff together, we showed that we can plead in front of an international bench of judges and we came out with heads up. Well done to all of us!!!

Febr 7th 2010


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