What are the Maastricht authorities doing?

Hmmm…It was approx. -5 C when I went to the gym some hours ago, but it felt like -10 C because of the never ending wind. Of course I cannot blame the Maastricht authorities for the bad weather but I can blame them for almost falling ten times of my bike. Why? Because the city is covered in 10-15 cm snow. Literally everything is covered in snow, roads, cars, sidewalks and it stopped snowing before dawn. I would’ve at least expected some snowplows cleaning the streets or whatever. But noooo….The city is under snow, cars are drifting, people are falling from the bikes and even the highway is covered in snow!!!

If this were back home, I wouldn’t have said anything. But comparing the local authorities from back home with the Maastricht ones, I do have to admit that the former were better prepared. There were snowplows, all sort of materials were thrown on the roads and I didn’t feel like in Lapland, waiting for Santa Clause and Rudolf to arrive by the corner.

I read in the news that there is a shortage of road salt in the Netherlands, and I would presume that this is the problem in Maastricht as well? Well, I’m not an expert in road cleaning but for 15 cm snow you need more than salt. You need machines to do the job. And there aren’t any.

Can the authorities say that they were ill-prepared and didn’t expect such heavy snowfall? No, because the more than usual snowy winter started at least three weeks ago!

So please mayor of Maastricht and local officials, get some freacking snowplows and start cleaning the streets because they are really dangerous!!! If I break my leg, you’re gonna pay the bills!!

Maastircht, 9th of Jan, 2010


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