My New Year’s Resolution

Honestly, I don’t remember whether tonight at 12 o’clock I made any new resolution. I know it is gonna be a tough year for me, in every sense of the word. Going back to the Netherlands my January is going to be as hectic as possible. Finish the Memorials for the Jessup, start the oral preparations, give an extra exam because of the changing of my masters, start French courses, work in Utrecht and let’s not forget the ongoing Dutch bureaucracy. Besides this in February we are going to have the Dutch rounds of the Jessup in The Hague. New courses, work and all that.

Everything is still uncertain for my second hall of 2010. I will have to decide these days which partner university/ies will I go to in my second year. I would like to move to the Southern Hemisphere from September, but the exam for the European Commission is probably going to prevent me from doing that. So most possibly Spain/Italy will suffice for next fall and if everything goes ok, then South Africa from 2011. These are still bold plans besides numerous others I don’t want to enumerate right now.

A late New Year’s resolution would most probably be: I hope to have the strength to carry out all these plans of mine. I wish for an easier year than the previous one, as 2009 was one of my most frustrating, nerve wrecking years up till now. I wish health and prosperity for my family as I do know that in times of need, they are the ones to fall back on. To all the rest, I wish you a New Year of ambition, self knowledge and patience with others. Dare to dream, dare to push the envelope but always be with your feet on the ground.


2 responses to “My New Year’s Resolution

  1. Talking about concour you better check out this:

  2. And Happy New Year! 🙂

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