Swiss bike-trip begins


Getting up at 5 o´clock in the morning is not easy, but I have to thank the services of ¨Hotel Fanja¨ (she´s a friend of mine, it is just nick-named a hotel ´cause when I pass through Utrecht I stay at her place) and of course a cute Estonian girl who woke up this morning and got with me to the train-station on her bike. So basically imagine this. 5.45 a.m. in Utrecht, everyone is sleeping, I am riding a bike with a blond girl in the back who is pulling my trolly luggage with her hand….It was like a miniature noisy morning train disturbing the sleeping residents.

Take the train to Schiphol, fly out to Geneva, Switzerland where my HERMANCITO Javichel was waiting for me. Long time since I´ve seen Javicito. One and a half years have passed since the end of the Parnassos team…hhhyeaa… So we visited Geneva, took the Japanese style photos then got the train to Lausanne.

We just got back from a really good deal as well. Only 25  swiss franks (approx. 17 euros) for a really good 24 speed bike. We are just packing in this very moment, but of course in the mean-time we stopped to get a beer as well.


Getting home was one of Javi´s great inventions. So we had only one bike, it was down hill, but theres was a basket on the back of the bike. So we could not sit in a basket. Sooo… I was sitting on the bike-sit, while Javi was pedaling and sitting in the air. I cannot describe you guys how it looked like, having to guys sitting on the sit of one mountain-bike, but imagine it. Once again it felt great. Leaving trouBles behind, flying with the bike on the streets of Lausanne. Yepp…Just exactly what the doctor ordered.

Tomorrow we depart at 7.a.m. The route is the following: Lausanne – Payenne – Fribourg. Approx 65-70 km and we are gonna sleep at couchsurfer host, Denise´s place.

So good luck for tomorrow and all the best

Javito and Gashito


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