Approaching Swiss bike-trip…Csavargó’s getting back in business



I’m gonna put things short. I have still two exams left, but after the two exams I’m heading back to Utrecht to work for a day, then  getting the plane from Schiphol to Geneva Switzerland. Now why would I go there? My former Parnassos room-mate, Javiiiitoo, studies in Lausanne at the present moment. Now you might think I’m going there for a couple of days of rest, sunshine and mojitos…Well first of all winter is approaching, sunshine is scarce and for a good mojito go to Mexico. No, my hermano and I decided to do a second wacky bike trip together, just for good old memories. Now I know it’s cold, windy, chilly, snowy but whooo cares???? Another good adventure awaits. I’m gonna drink the mojito at freacking sixty, not now….So Javichel get ya bike ready ’cause I’m coming.

The route is still rudimentary but it includes: “Fribourg, Bern, Lucern and Zurich, starting from Lausanne.” Hell ya.

CHeck the previous Dutch-Belgian Bike trip (this was in January and February 2008 😀 )

Maastricht 16th Oct.

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