A twist of luck

Now I sit in my new room, in a quiet neighborhood of Maastricht, a completely different situation that I was in two days ago. Maybe it is luck, the misterious ways of God, both or sheer coincidence. I was lucky enough to meet Marius, my German friend, at last week’s introduction day. I packed my bags in Utrecht and came in complete uncertainty once again. I knew I could spend a couple of nights at his place, but finding a room was nearly impossible… I got of in the train-station with my 50 kilos of luggage, set down for a minute, ate, drank and rested. I found which bus would take me to his place. Actually two buses…Waiting in one of the bus stops, in the middle of Sunday, I get a sudden message. I thought to myself that most probably Marius was trying to tell me the exact address. No…a message from Anna, my Polish friend. A message that changed it all. “Gashi, one of my friends urgently needs someone to rent a room in his apartment”. A twist of faith. I call the guy up. 275 euros per month, plus probably another 20 for this and that. Deal made…I spent Sunday night at Marius’s place, met her lovely girlfriend, Teodora and suddenly I found myself once again among people who know what it means to try to make an existence in a foreign country….So here I stand now. We already had two great meals today. I met my new housemates. I solved a lot of the university problems, bought my course materials. I still need to buy a bike, to find a second job as I will be working in Utrecht on Fridays, but only from the end of September. Yes I still have problems with my work permit, with my study financing but eventually things will have to get better. My confidence is rising. It is still a lot of stuff to do until life gets back on its normal track, but now the lights are positive…Thanks for all the people who supported me and offered me shelter, food and a good advice…

Maastricht, 1st of Sept


One response to “A twist of luck

  1. yeah, still waiting for my beer ;P JK of course. Glad I could help you both at the same time.

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