One international language: “Men”

Through out my high-school years and of course later on, I’d been told and I heard on numerous occasions, the phrase “…. is the international language”. Basically for the music professor music was the international language (or means of communication) that everyone could understand. For the math teacher numbers were the tool of understanding another culture. Then again for the English teacher, English was the international communication device, as “almost everyone speaks English”. Today I came to the conclusion that all of these allegations have certain flaws in them. Maybe an African tribesman will not understand Beethoven or the Mongolian shaman singers make a certain sound that Westerners would not call music. Math can also be written in other characters, then the Arabic ones we use, and com’on how many people do actually like math? English of course is spoken by many people, but then again more then a billion speak Chinese and approx. 700 million speak or understand Spanish, so I would refrain to call English the international communication tool.

So what is then the international means for people to communicate? Well let me tell you a short story. Let’s say that my co-worker’s name is Mohamed (not, but I won’t disclose his real name). He is Dutch-Moroccan. The second character is of course Gashi (me), a Hungarian bloke from Romania. And the third character is of course Miss Double “D”. Maybe even double F :D, basically a blond woman with a “huge” cleavage. So Mohamed and Gashi are filling the cheese and deli section. Gashi is holding a crate full of cheese and Mohamed is just placing one of the empty crates on a stack of empty ones. Suddenly everything stops!  Both workers’ jaws drop for an instance and their eyes as well. What happened? Well of course Miss Double “D” or anything bigger than “D” passed between them with her waving blond hair. The whole world stopped around them and their eyes were fixed on one thing. Yes…Miss Double “D” ‘s cleavage…. So yeah. Although both of the guys speak English, besides their native tongue, they also speak the international language of Men. It is basically a sign language. Miss Double “D” passes. They look up, look at each other and nod their heads. Aham…They were thinking the same thing. Their day just got better.

So basically what I’m trying to say is… It ain’t math, music or English. Show a pair of big boobs to an African, Native American, European, Aborigine and Asian guy and they will definitely speak the same language 😉 And of course 3 billion people speak this language.[1]

P.S. Sorry girls but you know, this work gets to me sometimes, so pardon my moment of insanity 😀

[1] Approx. 6,75 billion people live on Earth, half of them men. Of course there are gays, but than again there are lesbians, so they sort of equal each other. And of course a baby will look at them as food, but approx. 3 billion will not 😉


2 responses to “One international language: “Men”

  1. hm gasi… I am sory if my spelling is a litle bit crapy and if I say some words in magyarul(I would like to point out that I am a litle drunk ). Áj háv zsut von guestyon…….. sory just kidding for all o those that don’t read hunagarion “I have jost one quaestion”

    are you saying that sex is the all time international language ?????????

    isn’t that a litle sexist in both ways ? for men and wemen ?

    btw… If I recal right you used to like math and phisics and all that ment realistic objects si how the f… uck can you say… math isn’t the same language in the whole world ?

  2. Hehehe 🙂 szevasz Gondor 😀

    Told u at the end of the article that this work is getting to me (mentally) 😉 just take it as a funny article like the other ones. Not everyone understands math in this world, but the basic instinct is pretty much the same 🙂 basically I felt like writing something :))))))))

    Take care Gondor 😀

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