You can find stupid people anywhere and everywhere…

…So here is this small story of mine. About a year ago I visited London with one of my good buddies, Sorin. It was just one of those random trips. We finished working for the day, he found an extremely cheap flight and the next thing you know we are on a plain from Eindhoven to Stansted London…

Just in the middle of our second day we decided to visit the British Museum. It is just one of those places where you can see King Ramses, the Mayan Jade Mask, the bog pit “mummies” from Northern Europe, and anything and everything you generally see on Discovery Channel. So I’m going through one of these exhibitions and it’s about the bog pit mummies from Northern Europe. In front of me lies this ancient, 5 or 6 thousand year old mummy. The facial features are still visible, so is the red beard and eyebrows. Supposedly he was strangled, probably for ritual reasons. So basically the poor guy was sacrificed or even murdered, thrown into the bogs and his body preserved. Next to me a gentleman in his late fifties, early sixties, is analyzing this mummy.

–               Excuse me young man – he asked me in the most polite way possible (Daah, he’s British).

–               Yes sir?

–               Do you know if this man was shot?

–               Amm, I bag your pardon? Shot, like with a gun?! (I really hope I misunderstood the question).

–               Yes, yes. Shot with a gun… – he continues quite confident.

–               Ohhh, no way sir. This poor man died millennia before Christ, and gunpowder cam into existence only in the middle ages.

–               Ohh, is that so… (I’m starting to think that this guy is joking with me). So please explain me, how come they didn’t use guns back then?

Now honestly, where should I even start? So I started explaining the guy how warfare evolved over the centuries, and how probably ancient cavemen would’ve started out with a rock, and then a spear and so on until modern guns. The old man was amazed.

–               How come you know so much… – he asked me in a curios tone.

–               Well sir, you know. School, television plus I’m a student. But what exactly do you do for a living, sir?

–               Well I’m a retired army officer. (WHAATT?? So either he skipped the lessons in military school, he’s joking with me or he just lost his mind )

–               Right……and I slowly walked away.

–               But thanks for the information anyway.

–               Nooooo problem.


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