Miami Sunrise


Six o’clock in the morning and my alarm goes off. 12 people crammed in one hostel room. I don’t wanna wake them up…One guy is snoring heavily, while I get my flip flops and my camera. I’m in my Spanish shorts, flips flops on my feet and a blue jersey on my back. I gotta see the sunrise. I don’t really see it that often back home…

Sometimes I wonder how did I even get here… I go up on Collins Avenue, take a right turn on 5th Street and head to the beach. Finally South Beach sleeps. It’s still amazingly quiet. Only a couple of cars role on the empty tropical streets. Somewhere over the horizon the Sun is still rapped in its wavy blanket…

…I sit down on the white shores of Miami South Beach and start staring in the seemingly infinite horizon… Two girls sit down a couple of yards away. They brought their chairs with them. Not a lot of people want to see the sunrise…

Sorry mate. Can I sit down next to you? – I turn and this seemingly Hispanic guy, with long green pants sits down next to me…

Yeah. No problem…Where’re you from? – I ask the guy as he is the fourth person joining the Sunrise Watching Club.

Originally from New York man. But now I live in Florida. I moved here with my lil’ daughter.

You have a daughter? – I ask him quite amazed as he still seams as a young guy. Or maybe he just ages slower than me.

Yeah. I have a one and a half year old daughter. I’ve been with this woman for eleven years. We just split. She asked me if I wanna take the kid…he stops for a moment and stares in the distance, seemingly reliving those moments…Of course I took the kid. So that’s how I got to live with my mom…

Good thing you took your daughter with you…Are you working or..?

I used to work. Now I’m gonna finish my education and get a degree as a premed. Probably I’m gonna stay in Florida or I’ll might just move to Hawaii. I can’t go back to New York while She’s still there… I sometimes miss a New York sunrise…


The guy continues with his story, while slowly emerging sunbeams start to shatter the morning clouds…Every one of us has a story. I just happened to know the story of this guy… The horizon is cloudier than usual. Minutes pass, while we anxiously wait for the Sun to show his orange fingers…It’s just one of those moments. The Sunrise Watching Club stops for a moment. We just stare…Speechless, while slowly day emerges from the Atlantic waves…It’s just one of those moments…


Miami, Florida, 3rd of April 2009


One response to “Miami Sunrise

  1. Pictures are nice, but videos are better, try for as close as you can get to the real thing without having to get out of bed at daybreak…kind of interesting also to go back in time in the archives and see the differing changes. The site also has sunsets, flora, fauna, nature, the beach, local stuff like that…

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