Gashi is traveling again…

Man…I have my last semester to finish, I’m running low on cash, I have a thesis to write, exams on my head, a possible internship in Amsterdam and not to talk about how the hell am I going to pay for my masters in Maastricht…But it looks like I’m getting my skinny ass to Washington 😀

Well it goes like this. There’s this Moot Court Competition in Washington, our team got accepted, we got some money from our sponsors (even in this crises you can find kind hearted people J ) and now I have to wear a suite, stand before a panel of 3 judges and “Your Excellencies this, that and but of course it is evident”. So you get the idea. You go to Washington for a week, you meet other internationals, some parties, Moot Court (honestly I’m my pants as I still have only half of my pleadings written) and a hell of an experience.

But it wouldn’t be Gashi, now would it if he didn’t think of something else. I’ve got 6, 7 extra days. Adela, Andra and Alex are doing this crazy trip around the East Coast. Philadelphia, New York, Boston and the Niagra falls….But I’ve seen these 6 years ago…It was just one of those moments. I found a cheap flight to Tampa Florida, Hayley my Erasmus friend happens to live in Tampa. SO I’m spending 6 days in Florida :D. I don’t know what I’m gonna do, but what the hack. It’s Florida. Tampa, Orlando, Disneyland, Daytona Beach and Miami :D. Hopefully I’m gonna get a little tattoo from Miami Ink 😀

Kiss ya all guys and see you in a couple of weeks.


One response to “Gashi is traveling again…

  1. Wow, sounds cool, man!

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