Towards Utrecht…

11:11 a.m. I’ve just reached the first Dutch town. The journey became more expensive than I initially thought. The plain landed on time, but the train line from Dortmund to Utrecht changed and became more expensive. Unfortunately I’ve spent 40 euros and had to change four times. I changed in Duisburg, Viersen and now in Venlo and afterwards in Eindhoven. If everything goes well, I’ll be in Utrecht around 13:00.

My brain is somewhat tired and the present grey sky is jut making it worse. Not even the people I see are in the best mood today. A German kid, with skater shoes on his feet set in front of me on the previous train…I can’t exactly figure out why does he have such baggy eyes. Maybe he didn’t sleep or maybe he was too high lately. His hoody is dirty. While chewing his gum, he looks for the ticket controller. He’s lucky this time. With the most bored face possible he looks at the passengers and sniffs every minute or so. He wipes his nose with his hoody and continues listening to his music.

11:18 a.m. One minute left, and the train leaves towards Eindhoven. This one too looks like a stop train although it is classified as IC. It’s quite clean. In front of me my backpack slumbers in silence. I didn’t close the door of my compartment. In the nearby compartment they speak in a Middle Eastern language. It sounds interesting. I’m gonna listen to it a lil’bit. My mp3 just ran out of batteries and my laptop is probably gonna run for another hour.

The train departed with a minute of delay. Wooouu! Maybe it’s just one of those days. Everyone is grasped by bordem Only the train between Dortmund and Duisburg was noisier than average. A team of teenagers were going to school…On the chair next to me a somewhat dumb kid keeps drawing the attention of his teacher. The blond teacher sitting in front of me is probably in her fifties. She nodes. She’s already used to the kid. There’s nothing special in her that would grab my attention. Just one of those middle aged teachers. Meanwhile I keep looking at the kid sitting next to her. He’s been tinkering with something for the last few minutes. It’s probably an mp3 player or video game. He ran out of batteries. I’d give him some, but I’m on the low too.

It’s colder than usual. Luckily I brought my winter coat with me.

11:30 a.m. A blond Dutch girl takes a sit in my compartment. She’s not that bad. Her phone conversation catches my attention. I understand a little bit of it. She’s not gonna be able to work this Sunday or something like that. Her Germanic ancestry is visible. I’m not gonna tell you guys what I was referring to. You’ll figure it out.

One and a half hours left and I’ll be in Utrecht.


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