“I’m from Holland. Where the f..ck you’re from?”

Holland ain’t Amsterdam, and Amsterdam ain’t Holland. Yes, you can find the small villages (dorpjes) lost between the green canals with grazing cows, but then again you can find the Asian hookers next to a coffee shop. But who the hell cares. You can go for the hookers, for the joints, for the stropwaffels, for the dikes and the windmills or maybe for just one bike-ride. The main thing is that I’m going back for another week. I spent my best student year there but I still have to close something in that chapter. Don’t ask me exactly what, but I’ll see when I’ll get there.

Time left: 6 more days. And counting…

Route: Cluj (Kolozsvar) → Dortmund (plain) → Duisburg (regional train) → Utrecht (ICE).

Until then just listen to Bobby Burns. The lyrics are quite lame, but then again…it’s Holland.


5 responses to ““I’m from Holland. Where the f..ck you’re from?”

  1. Let’s be fair with Asians: a disproportionately large number of the hookers are from Eastern Europe (in fact, not too long ago I saw more Hungarian, Romanian and Polish girls than Asians). Some of the Romanian girls were listening Manele, Hungarians mulatós zene – sending this way a signal to their co-nationals less familiar with English language or just fond of well-known flavours 🙂

  2. Sorry: listening to 🙂

  3. of course…a great part of the hookers come from the eastern block, south-east asia and the former Dutch colonies…I was talking about an Eastern European’s point of view…An Eastern European will most likely want (as pervert as it may sound) something more “exotic”. Like an Asian. Unfortunatelly these are the facts. I didn’t even talk about the British business guy hopping the English channel to have a “quicky”.

    The phrase…”Untill then just listen to” is correct. Writing it in the continuos form just wouldn’t make any sense. It is something that is proposed to the reader.

  4. Regarding the ‘listen to – listening to’ phrase, there is a misunderstanding. I meant my own text, namely the sentence “Some of the Romanian girls were listening to Manele,” from which I managed to omit ‘to.’ Yours was ok.

  5. aahh, okey mate…sorry 😀

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