Danube Delta – Preparations

It’s about 10 degrees outside…torrential rain took over half of the country and the National Weather Survey issued flood warnings in 23 counties, out of the 41. (I’m talking about Romania). But interestingly tomorrow I’m going to the Danube Delta. Yeapppyy…I think I’m fad up of three weeks spent in Kolozsvar (Cluj – the city where I live). It is just too boring here. No one is yet around as univ. starts only in two weeks, plus accommodating to life back home is a lot tougher than I initially thought…So my brother’s boss calls me up two days ago. Hei, mate. Would you like to come with us to the Danube Delta? – I think I would’ve been an idiot to refuse such an offer. It is the most well preserved Delta and eco-system in the whole of Europe, plus it is the second largest Delta on the continent. Over 300 species of birds call it their home, so I think even if it is almost October I will be able to see a couple of birds.

As I am the invited guest, most of the preparations were done by my Bro and his Boss (He’s gonna be called Boss – Şefu’ from now on). I just had to pack my backpack. We are going to be totally self sufficient for a couple of days. The Delta is approx. 800 km away at the opposite end of the country. Most of the road will be done by car. We’ll leave the car in the gateway city to the Delta (Tulcea), unpack and get a boat or smaller ship to a nearby village (or something like that) and from their some local fishermen will take us to this small island, surrounded by waterways, pelicans and reed. What else do I need? The only problem is that it got damn cold in the last days and it is raining heavily, but we are optimistic. If not, we’ll float on our tents J

The Delta is one of the most uninhabited places in Europe, with only 2 persons/ km2 so we’ll be quite alone and self sufficient. Pre bought food (cans, sausage, cheese, vegetables, potatoes), drinks, water and of course freshly couth fish will fill our stomachs. We also take necessary medication with us, as anything can set in, from fever to diarrhea. As this is one of those wild nature adventures you definitely need proper tools and equipment. Raincoats are a most and of course warm clothes. This is still a region with a lot of mosquitoes, so any lotion against them is welcomed. Axes to cut wood for the fire, matches, torches, knifes (proper ones), headlamps, pliers, hammers etc. are all a must in such places. Plus an extra shovel is good to make an improvised toilet as we still like civilization and the comfort offered by an outdoor make-shift toilet. A giant copper pot, plates and other eating utensils are also important as we are not cannibals eating raw fish. Plus fully charged phones and a hell of a good camera will end the list.

Four days in tents, fishing all day, using some shaky boats and drinking a good glass of whisky by night next to the campfire. Damn it sounds too good to be true…So see ya all in 5, 6 days when I’ll hopefully write my new adventures. (Let’s just hope a big fat fish won’t eat me 😀 ).


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