…My legs keep treading the sidewalks of Kolozsvar (Cluj). Only my breath and the switching playlist make their path to my ears. I don’t really pay attention to anything. People, cars, buildings and trees pass me by. The calm waters of the Oude Gracht are replaced by the lake in my neighborhood, the life of Parnassos shrank to my tight and crammed room and the sometimes smiling blond Dutchies on their bikes were replaced by a gum chewing bloke, listening to manele and showing of his new car. The lake-side willows still bring back the memories of the channels littering Utrecht, but the hidious shopping mall in the background reminds me that I’m home. My legs tread the dusty roads of Kolozsvar but my thoughts still wonder on the narrow streets of Utrecht. Occasionally I meet someone and share some of my last year’s stories, but I try keeping it to myself. I feel how I slowly lock away this treasure and I try to continue the life I had. The memories are still too strong as this short dream just ended. Something in me doesn’t want my previous life anymore. Whit a smile on my face I wonder in the newly renovated center and happily sit down for a drink with someone. But something in me doesn’t rest. I feel how my wings slowly break down. And I lock them away. In a few weeks I’ll be on the road again, but Parnassos still rages in me.


Kolozsvar (Cluj-Napoca), 9th of July 2008



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