Hmm… I pretty much neglected my blog lately. Not just my blog, but sort of everything and everyone in my life. I don’t fill like enumerating all does things Murphy had fucked me over with these weeks, but I came to realize something. I don’t give a two damn f..k about it ! And I’m gonna say this out loud and let you fill in the dots. As I was reading B. Eszter’s blog for a couple of minutes, I noticed that she to has been battling with Murphy’s perversions. Well Murphy I have a message for you! Next time I’ll see you, I’m gonna kick you in the nuts so that you’ll lend straight on the Moon. I’m sick of all the huge philosophical talks about life, of the constant stress and worries and of course not talk about my emerging walls. It’s over. I don’t want to be building once again walls around me. Lately I complain so much as a shitty old man. Maybe even more. As if I had humongous worries, as if I didn’t already go through these a couple of times… Now I happily sit in the small garden next to the dorm. The Tivolituin. Next to me a couple of enormous Dutch girls are chatting. One of them is quite acceptable. Spanish music on my laptop, the Sun shining as strong as it can and even a cool breeze messes up my hair, which I had just washed. My mind is somewhere on the shores of Barcelona and Sicily. I once again feel like enjoying all that I do…I’m fed up of getting up in the morning thinking of all my troubles, I’m fed up wining all the time and skipping parties and I’m almost in the situation of not being able to satisfy a woman properly as I would rather sleep instead. Who knows what is wrong with my character, but I always end up surrounding myself with walls and then I’ll start shitting myself when I can’t see the other side and only a couple of dim light raze come through. Maybe my wacko Aquarius character is to be blamed (not that I really believe in such things) that frequently I lock myself in my grey tower and like a brick layer I start arranging the bricks around me. Well once again I want to mess up astrology. We’ll se what happens. Eventually my problems will get solved. I thought I learnt to separate myself from my worries, but it looks like a couple of stars up there won’t allow me (or maybe I’m just a huge jack-ass and didn’t realize earlier the direction I’m heading in)… So the only thing I can do now is to gaze my eyes on the blond Dutch cutie, smell a flower (hopefully they wont slap me for tearing it), demolish a lil’bit my walls and kick Murphy’s ass sky high so he can talk with my stars (maybe he will get along better with them, than with me). SO at the end of these lines I once again smile, I feel my humor getting back to me and I really want to find Murphy. Enjoy the SUN people…and don’t give a shit about the rest of it for a while. Ciao!

23rd of May 2008, Utrecht… In the Tivolituin, searching for Murphey 😀


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