“Sorry, but I don’t take Muslim Women”

Why am I once again tackling this sensitive issue, is quite a good question. Probably I’m already sick of all those remarks that Holland is the most liberal, tolerant and every nation can peacefully coexist…While I’m reading certain blogs from back home I occasionally come across articles in which Romanians and Hungarians quarrel, but both live pretty much without troubles… But let’s go a lil’bit towards the West. His “majesty” Geert Wielders had done the task of over exaggerating everything and now everyone talks about how poor Christians are loosing territory in favor of Muslims. In the following lines I will shortly recall of what a “temporary Muslim” woman had come across. This is not part of any survey…

A person really dear to me, with whom I spent one of the best weeks in Utrecht, was coming back from Germany. The cause of the one week German “vacation” was a double operation on her neck. She covered her neck and head with a women’s shawl so that the passengers won’t have anything to stare at… The train reaches the Utrecht train station. The girl presses the open button and someone suddenly hits her from the behind. She turns back for a moment and sees a tall Dutch guy looking at her with dim eyes. Muslim women get off only after men did so– says the behemoth. Let’s not forget that a 4O cm operation on the girl’s neck and someone hits the back of her head. She takes of her shawl and starts screaming that she is not a Muslim and put it this way, they can fuck their tolerant society…

But of course this is not enough to draw certain conclusions, because isolated events happen all the time… Getting out from the train station she heads towards a taxi. Picking out one of the cars she goes to the driver. Could you take me to UCU please? – she asks him nicely. The driver looks at her with despise. Sorry, but I don’t take Muslim Women – and speedily drives away.

This is what our “temporary Muslim” woman had gone through on the streets of tolerant Holland in the matter of a couple of hours. So I think one can only imagine what a woman dressed in a burqa has to tolerate in a life-time. How should we classify this? According to Murphy’s laws maybe she was really unlucky or is this a pressing social reality? Maybe it’s none of them, but I tend to incline towards the second option….

20th of April 2008 Utrecht


4 responses to ““Sorry, but I don’t take Muslim Women”

  1. You are right, but note on thing: The burqa is not normal! Maybe if they would take that of, they would have a better chance to integrate.

    • charlie wheeler

      ” The burqa is not normal! ” ??? For millions women all over the world to dress this way and you have a better idea for “NORMAL”.

  2. With the burqa it’s quite a strange deal…. Many westerners see it as the oppression of women’s rights, and countries like Turkey (predominantly Muslim) ban it in public institutions. Many countries adopted the ban of all religious elements in schools and public institutions. I agree of not having crosses, baby Jesuses or verses of the Koran in schools. I particularly am not offended by the burqa or people who where it. If it is true that immigrants have to adept to the new society, then I would be in favor of the Turkish solution of not allowing it in public institutions, but a total ban, like the one favored by Wilders is ridiculous. If she wants to go to the mosque with it, or go shopping with it, then I don’t see any problem with this….Let’s not forget that Western and Muslim values are different. I am not always in favor of the idea that a new group has to adopt everything that the indigineous group provides. Then again I think we should have a ban on the traditional gowns of nuns or monks, shouldn’t we? I don’t believe in societies where everything has to be the same for everyone. You are a liberal, right? Then everyone should have the liberty to choose. If Fatima doesn’t want to wear the burqa, no problem. If she does, it is her choice. I don’t know what do I wanna see in schools. 13 year old lil’bitches dressed like whores, with there asses hanging out and piercings in their thongs, or a girl who is dressed decently and with an uncovered face (because not all burqas cover the face). Like I told you. Our Western world founded on Christianity (or not) doesn’t like new cultures. We don’t like them, do we? That is the problem that many don’t admit. Wilders is the big bad ass Dutch nationalist, but then again he has a Hungarian wife? How come? Well she’s an immigrant to, right? But she is not Muslim. She looks like us, and not like them. Maybe we should prohibit Wilders to wear the Jewish headcap when he goes to Israel so often. Or maybe we should prohibit nature believers to walk half naked, or maybe we should prohibit the Antwerp diamond merchant Hasidic Jews to where their traditional gowns? We only accept what we like. If we can accept all these groups, why cannot we accept Muslim gowns? I see a society like this as a rich society with many cultures.

    Because my knowledge is not that extended in this field, maybe I will interview my coworker Fatima 😉

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