Fitna reloaded

It was a matter of time until someone made a short movie similar to Fitna, but this time about the Bible and its verses about violence. Thanks to youtube two similar works appeared, but of course with not the same political involvements and echoes. The quality doesn’t really reflect professionalism. Someone outraged after seeing the previous film, most probably set down one weekend, opened the Bible and inserted a couple of CNN reports.

Before we proceed with a short analyses of the new “works” let’s say a few words about why weren’t the Dutch embassies bombed all around the world. The first and probably most likely cause are the efforts put forward by the Dutch government itself, as all of this didn’t quite come as a shock to the world, like the depictions of Mohammed. The audience was already well aware a few months earlier that another masterpiece will hit the screens and it won’t deliver a pleasant message to all of us. Besides this the Dutch prosecutors are already handling the case and the Dutch secret police had been tracing Wilder’s movements. The second argument would be that no one was deeply offended by the short film. Probably everyone expected something “more”. It looks like the Muslim world accepted it too as just a radical manifestation and they probably realized that not the Dutch Government but Geert Wilders is the provocative element. In the same time the Dutch State from the beginning distanced itself from Wilders. Now the third cause, the one that no one desires, would be that some radical groups are already preparing for another attempt. Let’s hope the latter one will not come to life.

Maybe it is enough to say about Wilders that he has tight connections with the Mossad (the Israeli Secret Service), he perceives Israel as a model State and he met a few times with Sharon plus he agrees with the Israeli politics against Palestinians. I will not dive deeper in this issue, but one can think, that when I see a soldier hitting a 1O year old kid I am not a huge believer of this kind of actions.

The first movie, Schism was made in my opinion by a fairly moderate Saudi who draws the attention that the Bible too contains quite a number of verses prompting violence. This is not a novelty. In my opinion Wilders, the more fanatical neo-protestant groups and the radical Muslims should once and for all understand, that these “holly scriptures” (or call them however you want them) were written in an era when it was natural to chop of one or two limbs or maybe loose a head if you didn’t share the same views as the others (now at least they finish you with a bullet). More than 3OOO year old verses of the Old Testament and more than 13OO year old teachings of the Koran are hard to conciliate with 21st century notions of democracy and liberalism. All healthy minded persons should focus on the real message of these works as both books contain ever lasting human morals. Even if these morals sometimes illustrate a past world. Both books are works of man (or of the Deity for those who believe it this way) which are a testimony of the basic morals of our societies. It is a question of the individual which parts does he accept and which one he doesn’t (if we accept them at all).

In the same time the film drew the attention upon the “overzealously Christian youth factions” that appear in the States. Maybe this latter information came to me as a bigger shock than the speeches of some imams. Why? Because this is allowed in the “democratic” U SSS of AA. I didn’t see any difference between the two radical behaviors, maybe that the imam addressed mainly grown-ups why the blond grandma with glasses did a thorough brainwashing of the youth. (It’s not like the American State itself doesn’t do the same).

The third issue which is handled mainly by the second film (made by the European Arab League) is the aggression of soldiers. I think everyone heard about the atrocities committed by American troops in Iraq; about Guantanamo or the situation of Palestine. And than I ask myself what is the difference between these and the actions of radical Muslims. None. Because they kicked and beat up civilians in a closed yard while half of a military platoon casually walked by, not saying a word. No problem Joe. This is natural and normal. Why didn’t any of the overzealous Christians break them up? The image of the American soldier in my eyes is loosing its honor. Just look at reality. The civilian Ali gets up in the morning; toils all day in order to sustain his family and probably goes to a mosque to say a prayer. His life is not that different from the average Joe’s one, who gets up, works all they to bring up his kids and in the weekend goes to church. And then comes his “all mightiness” the American soldier. Two words about him (maybe it’s too general, but what the hack). He’s a 19 year old kid brought up in a society that doesn’t know anything besides America. He doesn’t really know why he is fighting because the all knowing Bushy decided this way. He arrives on the battlefield and forgets that this is not a game of war craft where you have to kill everything that moves. And yes, the average person doesn’t go to the “terrorist factory” to build more terrorists. But of course this image is not preferred by the Western media. Don’t think that Western media doesn’t practice brainwashing. We can just estimate how many news don’t make it across “their filter”.

I sit here slightly puzzled if Western society is sitting on a social time bomb or not. The atrocities are still ever present, many don’t tolerate the Muslim immigrants and even more don’t really know what is actually happening. Like oxen they steam ahead without thinking of their actions. Human hatred is as old as mankind. This is a social constant the will never disappear. In our smaller environments we tend not to accept those who are different and in our larger social existence we tend not to tolerate those who have different skin, speak in a different language or pray to another deity (or maybe he doesn’t pray at all). Unfortunately there will always be human hatred, even if others believe in a perfect nirvana. The question is when will the present bomb stop ticking.

Utrecht 13th of April 2008


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