The cold water slowly flows out of the aluminum tap. The icy droplets run through my fingers. They fill the palms of my hands…They touch my face…I wash my unshaved face and take a glance at the mirror. My blood-shed eyes just started to accept the blinding white light of the lamp… The cold water slowly flows…My wet fingers run through my hair…I look up once again…Lines of red scars on my chest. I turn around. The traits of savage nails litter my back. The bluish reminisce of a kiss on my neck…For a moment I feel her scorching hot breath flowing through my neck. Sharp nails tare up my back! Her black waving hair covers my face while her burning eyes follow mine! My head bathed in wine follows every movement of her undulating hips. Savage power flows through my arms! Her soft and silky hips fall pray to my hands. Her ever increasing breath prompts a new flow of strength and power in my muscles. The ancient lust and desires break loose. Our rapidly moving bodies become one… The cold water slowly flows…I once again look in the mirror. I wipe my face and open the door…For a couple of moments my eyes follow her naked body as her fingers hold a cigarette. Her coal-like hair waives on her shoulders. A pale breath walks across her fingers, touches her white breasts and glides next to her smooth hips floating away in a cigarette smoke…With slow movements I start dressing up as her warmth is replaced by the morning work…A kiss touches her lips. Outside the icy dew just started to wipe its sleepy eyes…I take of my gloves for a second. The key joins the cold lock and my bike-chain loosens. My gloves once again warm my fingers…the spokes rapidly turn on the smooth asphalt…the Sun didn’t yet disturb the wet cover of the park…I swiftly pass the bridge over the stream…I look down for a second… The cold water slowly flows.


                                                            28th of March 2008, Utrecht


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