Another song gentlemen!


Another song gentlemen! Psalm 237 “We praise you Lord” could be heard in a solemn and gloomy voice on the porch of the minister’s home in a tiny village. The village’s second reunion. Uncle Jóska (Joseph) the village’s almost eighty year old chorister gave the tone. We praise you Lord and it seemed more like the notes of a funeral march. Strange feelings grab me. The second reunion; something new and an unseen event and in the same time the sound of a dieing world brakes the silence. I sit next to the door and I gather all my strength not to burst in tears. Old folks from a distant and forgotten world, sitting with their crippled backs on the bench. Poor Hidas Jóska (Bridge-builder Josef) and Kicsi Jóska (Little Josef) lead the tiny choir. Csíki Laci next to them and Tót Pityu also join them. Long forgotten memories, dreams, joys and sorrows tear up my weekdays. How many bricks did I get from this region with which I started building my life and how many memories still tie me to this elderly village? How much of this can still be saved, will there be anyone in ten years who with his rusty voice can shatter the silence? Will there be anyone who will come back to this place? …The afternoon passes and we head home. The sounds of a solemn and gloomy song fill the car. I look out of the window. Above the forest the Sun’s raze dismantle a flock of clouds. A hawk flew away in the setting Sun’s shadow…

Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca); 23rd of July 2003

Szászdányán (Daia); 23rd of July 2003


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