Morning feelings at noon…


…I type these few words rather worn down and tired. In the kitchen today’s breakfast and lunch is slowly frying. Fried potatoes with two eggs. I don’t have any energy for more…

I barely slept a couple of hours last night and at 6 in the morning I could already hear the wake up bell. Straight to work. Everyone is still enjoying their slumber. It’s the moment when dreams embrace the whole of your body and you immerse in the deepest silence. And the wake-up bell rings again. Even the Sun is lazily enjoying its rest but slowly it starts to emerge from under its dark cover… I slowly get up and wash my face. It’s to cold outside. I don’t really feel like taking a shower; lazily I walk to the kitchen and start munching on some biscuits while I drink my vitamin C enriched cup of water. Everything is so peaceful and pure…. I ran out of toothpaste so a gum will have to do. Two minutes in front of the computer. I need some peace. Nelly Furtado – In God’s hands and the gloomy sounds fill the air. After listening to it I get my shoes, my mp3 player falls in my pocket and I take my coat… I open the door from the main entrance. Ice cold air still lurks on the streets of the city. I shatter and take of my glows for a second. My hands almost freeze on my bike’s locks. I get on it. Only now do I actually start waking up…The music, the mood needs to be changed. Yves Larock – Rise up. The blood slowly starts moving in my limbs and each part of my body wakes up. I ride as fast as I can while I battle the chilling wind. I’m tired, my hands are cold, my muscles ace and probably at least two hundred boxes wait for me to put them on the shelves. And still…a smile runs through my face…

I recommend everyone to do this once. If you can, then listen to the mentioned music and you will understand what is the force driving us forward that cannot be understood.

Utrecht 4th of March 2008; sometimes at the beginning of the afternoon



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