Citizens of Bulgaria and Romania

Citizens of Bulgaria and Romania are not able to work in the Netherlands free of restrictions. In most cases, an employer still needs to ask the Dutch employment Authorities (CWI) for a tewerkstellingsvergunning (right to work) for such a candidate. This is a complex procedure, since the employer needs to prove that there is no Dutch citizen sufficiently qualified for the vacancy. For more information, see below “Non EU-citizens”.

– now people will maybe understand why I sometimes feel frustrated that after 3 months of trials I still haven’t got a working permit. Talk about discrimination 🙂 L.O.L. God save us from the Eastern menace ;P


One response to “Citizens of Bulgaria and Romania

  1. hi,there!Is not easy to survive in those countries(East European )in our days,because the occident(EU)destroied in 15 years their economy,ordering to governments to close the factory or to be sold,many foreigners came to buy those factory,etc,etc,cutted the metal and exported to the occident.So,there were not an job’investor,seeking to develop the investition,just to make easy money and get out.A company from France was buying a cement factory ,near Targu Jiu City,Gorj County,just to close ,because was in competition with their France cement factory.So,you see how the excommunist economy was destroyed by EU?Now,there are only few places offering jobs,and many well trained workers were forced to get on pension($100-$200/month !!!),young workers 40-60 years old,and the younger workers,or highly skilled) are trying to get jobs in EU market,but there are walls of unfair restriction.By the way,in East Europe(countries belong to EU,)the food,gas,utilities are same like in Holland,but the salary are between 100 and 300Euro per month,So,where is the justice in EU?The wall between East and West Germany was going down,but now in Europe started other wall,socio/economic wall,more dangerous than communism wall and people are talking,making comparison between before adhering to EU and presentIt’s true that the gypsy are making crimes to many occident countries,but also romanians are having problems with them of the time when the turks were bringing them from India(they belong to Travidians tribe from Gange River),so,the best solution for EU and also for the gypsy ,is to be relocated back to their roots,to be happy there,because they can not understand european culture,tradition etc.etc.To be relocated,EU must spend some money,giving to each family $20,000 and India to give them a government house.I emigrated to USA in 1984 and from 1990 I started to have a small business in romania,observing daily the socio/economy changing in bad things.Today,Romania has more millionairs in EURO than Holland!!!How in 17 years,someone with few hundreds of $or euro,made such fortune?Just moving money from government,Phare,Sappard funds etc,etc,to their pockets!I propose to EU,to govern East European countries(EU) with people from Germany,Holland,Belgium etc,for 10-20 years.
    Amarad-Claudio Trincka
    Las Vegas,NV

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