Vinnie’s gone


I’ll first write this post in English ’cause it concerns Vinnie. It’s 2:32 a.m. and his plane is due to leave in a couple of hours. Hopefully he’ll be sober enough to get up. He’s the first guy leaving the Parnassos group. When homesickness kicks in and you miss everyone from back home then it’s not a shame to throw in the towel. In the other corridor most probably a couple of guys still savor the last drops of beer. The strange feeling kicks in that time actually passes and in no time the remaining 7 months will fly in a blink of an eye. What will happen afterwards? These people are your family. You wake up in the morning and see them in their pajamas, no make-up, no fake smiles. You see them when they’re angry, when they’re sad, when they crawl back home drunk, when they celebrate after a successful exam. They are your family now and they see everything you’re going through, your smiles, laughters, jokes, disappointments…everything….I’m gonna tell a story about all of yaa!! – Vinnie came to me and Sergey and said it in the thickest Irish accent possible. I will tell of them about Sergey and Rotterdam, about how Gashi showed me the gym. You are legends! ­– says the Irish with a smile and drinks from his beer. People come and go…and that’s just life and we have to accept that. People who you’ll most probably forget will pop-up one day and say Hiiaa mate! Remember me. That’s when you realize how lucky you were to meet people like them. Have a safe journey back home Vinnie and don’t forget you lived, ate, drank, puked, washed you clothes, laughed, cried, got shit faced and told us hell of Irish stories in Parnassos.

Utrecht 12th of December 2007


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