After the exams


A joint, a couple of glasses of wine and probably two much smoke from Dimo’s (my Bulgarian compatriot) Turkish pipe fill my head. The exams are over and we start chilling. I sit slightly tipsy in front of the computer. Every time I swallow I can feel my left temple bursting. I don’t even know why am I writing now, but why not? I don’t have a lot to write about ‘cause nothing special happened in the infamous Parnassos last week. Locked up in their rooms, everyone prepared for the exams. The always lively kitchen was empty and occasionally some figures appeared. And now all of it is over. An amazing party awaits us tomorrow. A small appetizer from a Dutch student’s life: Cheers, Nazdrave, Noroc, Proust, Skaul, Egézséget and I could continue with the list of words heard when someone razes his beer. An international team from the four corners of the world. There’s no prejudice, everyone is just himself, you don’t have to achieve anything for anyone. The downstairs corridor’s kitchen, Dimo and Dani’s room…Beer bottles, a couple of broken glasses, a tall blue shisha, a couple of joints and some empty wine bottles lying on the floor. Parnassos is chilling. It’s preparing itself for the upcoming party. Smiles run through last week’s sober and serious faces and amongst the TMF provided music chatting voices. Some of them in English, Bulgarian, Romanian, German or maybe Spanish. An international bunch that many people would judge in this moment but a team where prejudice is not a known word… One of my veins on my left temple is still swollen. Many could learn from this team. We’re just simple students in a foreign country. The plans for New Year’s Eve start filling the air. Some of them in Prague, others in Berlin or just with a bunch of guys back home… I’m not in the mood now to get into anything philosophical or concerning the human existence. A couple of atmospheres in my head made me write a few lines, ‘cause this will have to be part of the Dutch Journal to. Most probably I’ll spend my weekend with a new team in Cologne. A lil’bit of chilling. And afterwards the common routine again. Even the thought of an American masters tries to shape in my mind, mobilizing the dreamer once again. Now I am able to do anything and everything. I can’t tie myself down. I constantly crave for something new, but sometimes I miss the warmth of somebody and it’s hard going to sleep in an empty bed… But I cannot really tie myself to anyone and one night stands are not my thing. But I chose this path. The upcoming year back home and afterwards maybe abroad again. And why not? I know that I cause a lot of anxiety to my folks back home, but this is the way I can truly feel that I miss them even if in many cases I don’t talk about it or don’t show it…The past few days newly found strength and plans got me out of two weeks of idleness and I am once again opened for anything new… Maybe if they would finally grant me my working permit more opportunities would arise. But now I just want to savor what each day brings ‘cause everything comes to an end so fast…My vain is still pulsating on my temple. Soon I will have to hit the hay because the Dutch rooster is almost up. Well this would be it for this November dawn…There aren’t any wise thoughts but I don’t really need them now. We just enjoy what each day brings….

8th of November 2007 Utrecht



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