Silence surrounds me again…

…Silence surrounds me again…Everyone’s asleep. It’s interesting the number of things that can trigger the urge in you to write… Already 3 weeks past from the last time I put something on paper and insomnia grabs me again.. I know it’s not worth going to sleep, ‘cause it will haunt me all night long…. An exam tomorrow, it’s already past midnight and I’m still standing here… A message yesterday, a simple sentence with a couple of words; the results of the previous exam are ready. I don’t waste time, get my trousers, fix my hair and run to the bus station… A particularly beautiful day in comparison with the last few weeks of rain. All around the city the growing strength of the Sun could be felt and even a couple of naughty wafts found their way threw the grey concrete walls. The bus just arrived, number 7…The atmosphere is bearable – I say to myself; the bus isn’t that crowded and the heat is liveable too… It ventured slowly towards the centre, hitting one or two holes in the road here and there, but who cared. The same bored and seemingly old face appears in front of me in the window’s reflection. I wink my eyes Eaahh, I’m ugly. This exam session can be bad for you I think to myself. A new bus stop, just in front of the Two Forked Church. In the midst of the teacher’s yelling a group of noisy children get on the bus at my left hand…My head turns away and in an instance my legs become numb and cannot even move. How did she get here, who, what is she? – I ask myself. A tall, slender, deer like girl stood near me… less than a step away. A simple pair of trousers and a small top flittered on her body; her wavy brown hair diddled towards her waist, covering her half naked shoulders. I just stood there, not being able to say a word. Looking at her soft and silk like skin my eyes met with hers. Particularly black eyes, the pupil and the iris almost blurred together… I was mesmerized. A tiny smile appeared on her feminine but in many ways still childish face. That wicked tiny smile that can drive a man crazy. Slowly, with a proud stature she turned away. Nervously I too turned away and started staring at the group of children standing next to me. Outside everything’s the same. We’ve just passed my old school. I look out of the window with a false interest to see if the works on the road moved up lately… Suddenly something bumps into me…or someone? I look down. A small school girl hit me with her schoolbag as she ran to the other end of the bus… I huff with anger, when my eyes were caught again by those black eyes. She looks at me… another smile runs over her gentle face. What does it mean?… I just look like a clown and anger doesn’t suit me or she can just see my flagged face….Or is she just smiling, ‘cause she too shares my traveller faith… I look up. Oh, I should get of… Hastily I struggle my way out of the children and a jump later I was already standing on the sidewalk. I straighten my jacket, check if my wallet is still their and suddenly it hits me that the bus just went away… A last glance. My eyes meet hers, and the vehicle disappears in the distance…. A moment, or some minutes that were worth more than my last few weeks. Who knows? Maybe on a dull summer day my eyes will once again meet does charcoal eyes…Or maybe I’ll never see them again. I look ahead in the noise and mayhem of the street, mutter something and with bored steps I head to the university…

Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), 14th of July 2006



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