In front of a shopping mall… Waiting for her. You’re once again 16 years old… With a tight heart, looking here and there and with a mature look….waiting…You look at the sky. A storm approaches from the East. Huge dark walls block the Sun and everywhere the sound of wind… She arrives… For a moment you stare at her tiny stature, pick her in your arms and kiss her deeply… Maybe we’ll get wet, maybe not but we set off… We’re already walking on Bucharest Street when it slowly starts to rain. You take cover and cover her small face with tender kisses, looking for the sweet taste of her lips… You go on. At the entrance of a flat we find shelter. A tiny old lady and his husband pass by. Both of them smiling… The rain breaks the dark walls in the distance and rushes to the ground. Only a couple of stray dogs wonder around looking for shelter. Rain pours. The dark columns clash together and with a deafening sound shake the earth. .. You look into her eyes. Grab her hands and push her soft body on the wall. A wild kiss on her lips. She looks into your eyes and ferociously grabs your back… Your heart starts beating faster and a strange terrifying force takes over your arms. You hold her small body tightly… Pouring rain, lighting flashes scare the sleeping children and amongst infernal thunders the car alarms go off. The storm arrived… You take her. She tightens her legs on your waist. A grip into her hair. Your breath meats hers. She screams for a second. With chaotic strength you hold on to her. Her bra falls victim to your hands and her soft white breasts dazzle with your mind. Blood rushes through your body and your heart tears apart your chest. Her ever increasing breathing mesmerizes your ears… A struck of lightning…. The ground shakes under the weight of the crumbling walls. You look into her eyes… Raindrops slowly start falling on the ground and the hiding dogs sniff the air outside and leave their shelters. Gloomy raindrops touch the grey concrete. A stroke on her face…. A train whistle in the distance… The drops fall lazily on the ground. You sit down and lay your head on her breasts, tightly holding her tiny body. With a silent and seemingly dry kiss you search for her lips. Her head pulls away… She’s playing. You do the same. A quick touch on her lips. Her silent breath comes ever closer. She pulls her head away…Just a game. You stay with her and start talking. About everything. Who you are, about the dreamer…her eyes follow you. A couple of moments and she is in another place, you see that. You can see it in her eyes, ‘cause you know this look, you are the same… We got hungry. Holding hands we wonder amongst rusted garages to the main road. It’s dripping again…Cold drops touch your neck. Cold sets in. Another flat gives you shelter again. A dark corner. You look into her eyes. The sensuality is unstoppable, you live for it. Devilish eyes she says, grabbing my hair and kissing me. The heart starts pounding again. Your arms grab her legs and once again the aura of her breasts dazzle with your nose. A sudden turn. You grab her breasts, kiss her neck and bite her. Her ever increasing breathing. You hold on to her and intertwine in a wild dance…Sudden steps. The light turns on, but we’re long gone. She embraces me, puts her head on my shoulder. We slowly walk towards the road. Our stomachs churn. We stop for a moment. 12:44. We sit down on the iron crate in the bus-station. You can see the grownup in her eyes, the dreamer, the thinker. You slowly eat and start your way back home… Footsteps on the wet pavement of Factory Street… A train in the distance. Getting ever closer. A dark bridge in front of you. You pass under it but shove her hands on the wall. Your bodies touch each other. A glance. A sudden kiss. Her nails hold on to your flesh. The train gets ever closer, shaking rails over our heads. Your hands grab her breasts and your breath flows over her body. She pulls your hair and looks into your eyes. The screaming weight of the train shakes the bridge…Only a couple of passing lights visible….With pale glitter stars start staring at you…You hold her hand. Turn onto a muddy alley. A good bye… Kiss her lips… You head towards the rails.

Kolozsvár (Cluj-Napoca), 12th of August 2007



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