Achter de Dom


… Two earphones…a player…a pair of trainers…I walk out of the Parnassos and start my way towards the park near the canal. My legs got unused to running. They rested during the past few days. I look around. The streets are all but empty. My shoes step on the gravel covered paths of the park. The water dully sits in the canal and stares at me. The street lights play with its mirror, but it just keeps on staring. I go on… My lazy muscles start getting used to the running again. A new song in my ears… On one of the benches an old man with two bags on his side, probably from Suriname. He looks at me and smiles… I go on. Two guys on a bike pass me… Everyone is getting home. On the nearby path another runner turns up. He’s gone… The lights of the center start to appear in front of me. They dance, jiggle and sit on the grass for a moment. They stare at me. My legs take me on a narrow stone covered ally. My muscles got used to the pace and routinely throw my legs… Silence all around me. A couple of street lights spread their pale beams on the old stone. Two glances. A restaurant’s tables grabbed my eyes but I couldn’t see the waiter… I go on… The Dome’s ever approaching shadow tears the streetlights’ wale. Near me the canal’s water again. It’s still staring at me. Its edges laced by the once fishing docks. Everything is closed. The Greek restaurant locked its doors, the Moroccan storekeeper is preparing to go home and the Coffee shop has just stashed away its hash for tomorrow. The sound of the Dome… Half past nine… My legs continue stepping on the pavement. The fifth song is just over… I turn to the left. Achter de Dom ­– a sign on one of the houses. Dead end… I turn back. A smiling bagger on the sidewalk. Probably he stole a bike. But I didn’t have time to check. A line of streets unknown to me switch the sight of the canal. The water nowhere to be found…. I got lost… Foreign immigrants’ eyes follow my steps. I stop for a moment. Look up. The Dome’s grey tower in the distance… I go on. I get ever closer to the night guard. The water starts staring again. I got back… The old post office’s red walls… I’m on the right way. A couple of minutes and I’m back home again. My legs already now the way. I just let them go. Janskerkhof square and the mounted statue. The rider somberly sits on his horse. Probably he didn’t move in a while… I continue my way on the sidewalk near the bicycle lane. A couple of drunken students shouting near the fountain… A red light, but I don’t stop… Parnassos. I get my keys out. The tenth song is over. My face is red. Sweat drops flow across my back. The muscles just realized that I stopped. The door opens…

Utrecht 11th of September 2007



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